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Home of the Young Vietnamese Generations
Trang Nha cua Cac The He Tre Viet Nam

A new tide is rising!

This is the site created by and for the young Vietnamese generations all over the world to voice their perspectives about their commmunities, their residing countries, and their homeland of Vietnam.

This is also a place where the young generations can learn about the struggles of their parents in search of freedom and overcoming the difficulties and barriers in the new countries, and why they and their parents are here in a strange soil.

And this is definitely a place where they can learn about the honors and legitimate causes of their parents in the Vietnam War.
Upcoming Events to Take Action/ Sự Kiện Sắp Xảy Ra:
- October 28, 2001 DDa.i Ho^.i Tho^'ng Nha^'t 2 Ban DDa.i Die^.n Co^.ng DDo^`ng Vie^.t Nam ta.i Nam California

- Miss Vietnamese Universe Pageant 2002
When: Saturday, Feb. 23, 2002. 8 P.M. - 12 P.M.
Where: Beau Rivage Resort
875 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39530
Hosted by: Blue Jade Beauty Center, MGM Mirage, Beau Rivage Resort, Van Son Video Entertainment
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